About us

TALA is a renewable energy provider using Biomass crops to customize an alternative biofuels energy solutions. Energy that comes from infinite cradle that will never run out.

Renewable green energy for existing fossil fuel consumption. Our biodiesel is a green power source that is guaranteed to reduce your carbon footprint and Greenhouse gas emissions.

It is abundant and can be used without interruption, cleaner than fossil fuel. Diversifying and enhancing energy supply, and reducing dependence on imported fuels.

Conserving nature natural resources. Going green and beyond.


Tala Consortium is a company formed to concentrate on renewable green energy solution. Each energy supply partner drives speci­fic focus specialties into the energy production process-technical integration and technical assurance. We replace long term thinking at the centre of decision-making in order to continue to a restored greener world.

The Consortium’s mission is to act responsibly in our role as custodians of the green future by using resources carefully and to the advantage for maximum value in the long term.

TALA engages the use of three basic technologies, customized individually and in combination to provide optimal client solutions. These technologies are tried and tested globally, and have been in extensive use for many years:

Hydrotreating of BioCrude to Green Diesel

Biomass to Syngas


Anaerobic BioGas Production

Pyrolysis of BioMass to SynGas

Hydrotreating of BioCrude to Green Diesel